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... along with a Kathmandu cabbie who really enjoyed a few of my limericks. He was practicing his English. Nice fellow, terrible driver.

Larry is an extremely versatile copywriter and editor, with a curiosity and thirst to delve into myriad subject areas. His enthusiasm and good humor are a welcome addition to the workplace. As the longtime Executive Director, UCLA Marketing & Communications Services (retired), I had the opportunity to both assign projects and see the results of projects assigned by staff members. His efforts on UCLA projects added greatly to our team's work -- and to advancing the university's marketing communications goals. 

– Michael Stone
Senior Strategist, Novom Marketing

I worked with Larry Urish during my stint as the managing editor for OC Metro magazine, and he was an integral part of the operation. His keen eye, unique writing style, and ability to copyedit everything to perfection made him an essential part of the editorial team. I also loved the humorous tone he was able to insert into our business magazine, giving it extra pizazz and making it more fun to read. I would highly recommend Larry for any editorial or writing position.

– Heather Skyler

Managing Editor, Freelance Writer / Novelist

Larry is an incredibly gifted wordsmith who has a keen eye for detail, which, as a copyeditor, makes him one of the best around. But anyone who works with him will discover that quickly enough. Perhaps a greater value for him is his presence in an office. His warm personality and vibrant sense of humor is invaluable, and make for fond memories of when we used to work together.

– Mike Besack 

Public Relations Manager, Ten-X

Larry Urish is the best in his field. His passion for customer service along with his skilled talent and innovative ideas in digital print and media copywriting is nothing short of brilliant!! I have had the luxury of his specialized area for copywriting and his unique digital media print photos that are all encompassing! HE REALLY does make sure everything He writes about and displays through Digital Media personifies the nuances that so often go unnoticed or get recognized. On top of that, Larry is one of the genuine nicest guys around.

– Denise Mower

Owner, Sustainable Solutions

Larry is a great person to work with. He is not only a talented writer and copy editor, he has a great sense of humor. He is hard-working, dedicated and enthusiastic. Larry is an invaluable member and would be an asset to any company.

–Sonia Chung

Creative Director, Firebrand Media

When I was an editorial intern at Churm Media (later purchased by Freedom Communications), Larry was very helpful, guiding me on copy-editing and writing for the magazines. He was always encouraging me and giving me a chance to practice and improve. He was a pleasure to work with and talk to as well.

– Olga Belogolova

Analyst, Facebook

Larry did a great job editing my book. His attention to detail was a tremendous help. I highly recommend him.

– Dr. Mark Scholz

Medical Director, Prostate Oncology Specialists

For years, I've taken credit for this, but the guilt is killing me. Minutes before I gave one of my battlefield speeches, Larry took me aside and convinced me to change "87 years" to "four score and seven years." It was a small detail, but I guess it really paid off.

– Abraham Lincoln

16th U.S. President




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