the storytelling

I like to weave stories into my writing. The most engaging, influential writing is often rooted in stories. For example:

Dull fact: Be wary of relying too much on statistical averages, since they often fail to shed light on key details.

Story: Ever heard of the statistician who couldn’t swim? One day he drowned in a lake that he knew had an average depth of 2 feet.


The bottom line: Storytelling works.

the tools

the process

It's filled with good questions, active listening, original thinking, elegant solutions, productive daydreaming, and kick-ass work.


I put it all together with critical thinking, clever wordplay, a vivid imagination and an offbeat sense of humor.


I connect with clients to determine their needs, target audience and essential message.

Then I then strategize, research, outline ... and then hop into a hammock


Once an idea hits, I write, rewrite, get client feedback, rewrite, rewrite some more … until we nail the message.




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